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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nokia's N800 Internet Tablet Arrives in the Middle East

Emirates Computers has announced the launch of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet in the UAE. The sleek, widescreen Nokia N800 Internet Tablet combines seamless wireless connectivity with a host of advanced features, for anytime, anywhere internet access. The N800 represents the ultimate portability, integrating the internet into daily life for a new level of connectivity.

The ultra-sensitive touch-screen and handwriting recognition features provide an intuitive user interface. Users can enjoy an extraordinary multimedia experience thanks to the integrated multimedia capabilities, high-resolution display and high audio quality speakers. The device comes with a host of free, built-in applications that provide easy access to everything from internet radio and instant messaging to web browsing and email. Users can also take advantage of internet calling with video or conduct video conferences with the integrated web camera.

A wide variety of freely downloadable open-source applications further enhance this Linux-based device, such as the Maemo Mapper, a free GPS software that allows it to be used as a convenient personal navigation system. Other applications include Orb, which lets users instantly enjoy digital media providing total connectivity to stream photos, music, video and TV.

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Fujitsu Siemens Computers ‘Power of Mobility’ Hits the Road

Fujitsu Siemens Computers has announced the launch of its ‘Power of Mobility’ project. This sees a series of high-profile individuals, heavily reliant on mobile technology push Fujitsu Siemens Computers’ mobile products to the absolute limit. Fujitsu Siemens Computers has one of the broadest mobile product ranges from handhelds to notebooks and tablet PCs, from entry level to the very high end.

In a bid to demonstrate the level of efficiency that its mobility products exude, the company is giving its mobile devices to a number of people to use on their travels. They will submit pictures and maintain an online diary of their experience. The project started with accomplished mountaineer Sorin Nistor and extreme road warrior Richard Bron. Both are proficient in putting a device through its paces, and will be looking for the very best in connectivity, reliability and durability.

They recorded their experiences twice a week through regular on-the-road reports that are available at Sorin Nistor has accumulated 40 years of mountaineering experience and taken part in six expeditions. He took the LIFEBOOK P7230 on his latest expedition of the Himalayan Gasherbrum 2 – at 8,000 metres it’s the 13th largest mountain in the world.

He tested the notebook’s embedded connectivity and integrated video camera in some punishing mountain conditions, including ice, snow, high winds and high temperatures. Richard Bron is CEO of digital media company Blueprint Digital. His customers include Hollywood movie producers, and some of the world’s largest retailers and recording artists including Robbie Williams. In a typical month he crosses three continents, so connectivity is crucial for keeping in touch with customers and associates around the globe, as well as his family in London.

Richard trialed the LIFEBOOK T4215 convertible notebook with integrated UMTS and the Pocket LOOX N110 mobile navigator. “No other vendor on the market can match the diversity, design and depth of our mobility offering,” said Louis Jouanny, Head of Mobility Marketing at Fujitsu Siemens Computers. “Our broad portfolio of devices with embedded UMTS meets today’s growing need for ubiquitous connectivity, and we pride ourselves on having a mobile device for every scenario.”

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bambaiya Lingo

Was reading through an article at The article suggested some Mumbaiya (Bambaiya) Lingo. Here they go...

A for Aila
A Marathi exclamation made famous by Sachin Tendulkar in a Pepsi ad when he says ‘Aila, plane’

B for Bhendi
A mild expletive or abuse. The ignorant might think this is local lingo for a vegetable (okra). The tapori knows better

C for Chindi
Some say it means insignificant. For others it denotes tight-fistedness. Eg: ‘Bindi is chindi. She won’t even pay for the trip.’

Arshad Warsi played a tapori in the film Munnabhai MBBS.

D for Dhasu
It means great or fabulous. Like what a ‘dhasu’ idea it is to read this tapori talk

E for Ekdum
Not that hard to figure out. Ekdum means absolutely. So ekdum bekaar means absolutely useless

F for Fadoo
Good, fabulous or beautiful quite in the same vein as Dhasu. A fabulous broom might be explained as a ‘fadoo of a jhadoo’

G for Ghanta
Means rubbish or nonsense. If a politician claims: ‘I will eradicate corruption’, the janta comprising Santa-Banta might say Ghanta

H for Hatke
Hatke actually means original or slightly different. Not to be confused with ‘hat gayi hai’, which means he’s lost his marbles

I for Item
Used to refer to a sexy girl — Kya item hai. These days girls also use the word to describe a handsome man

J for Jhol
A common word for a scam or a bungle. Examples: What Jhol is all this?; Sounds like some jhol to me, yaar; Solid jhol in this poll

K for Kalti
This means to give somebody the slip or not keep a promise. It may also mean a turnaround. Example: Usne aaj kalti diya

L for Lafda
Fairly common usage for a squabble. The lafda can also have sexual connotation — Are they having a lafda (affair)?

M for Maal
Dial M for money. That is what maal stands for. It’s also a derogatory slang for a woman — Kya maal hai!

N for Nastar
The taporis tell me this means bad omen or what is more commonly known as ‘panvati’. Another says, it means atheist

O for Ookhad
The word is used rather combatively. Two men in a skirmish might growl at one another: ‘Ookhad kar phek doonga’

P for Punter
It means source or informant. Yeh dekh punter aaya, is the way it is said

Q for Qeeda
This rather strange word means a person who is always up to something, some mischief or is posing as a major irritant

R for Rapchick
More commonly pronounced as ‘raaapchick’, it is used to refer to a sexy, curvaceous woman

S for Sumbdi
This stands for a rather secretive person or somebody who is clever enough not to reveal all. Not to be confused with shy or reticent

T for Tapori
These are roadside rowdies. Tapori talk is becoming more mainstream and losing its stigma

U for Ungli
A rather obvious obscene interpretation. It also means to bait or rile a person and try to get a rise out of them

V for Vaat
Means this is the end of you today. It all means the end, khatam, finito — Aaj toh vaat lag jayega

W for Wohich
It simply means him and him only — Wohich hai, aur doosra kohich nahi

X for Xhun
Xhun is used to describe the sound of a slap. Crack. Xhun se laafa maara

Y for Yeda
Also known as veda in Marathi. It means mad and used in a derogatory tone

Z for Zandu
Zandu stands for Lallu (not Prasad Yadav) or Mamu, one who is spineless. Apologies to Zandu Chawanprash


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Smells Like...

Microdia has launched a series of flash drives called Flash-key Fruit-A-Roma. The company has added fruity scents and colours to these new flash drives.

According to the company, "Fruit-A-Roma USB drives are the first of their kind to offer fresh fruit flavours that you can actually smell." The Fruit-A-Roma flash drives are currently available in four different fruity scents - Orange, Strawberry, Grape and Green Apple.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

HP Launches a Range of Accessories

HP Middle East has announced the launch of its new range of accessories for its latest notebook and desktop PCs that have been designed to ensure users get the most from their PC. Whether it’s increased data storage or easy docking, they are intelligently designed to enhance performance and increase convenience. HP claims that with its Notebook QuickDock, users can plug in their HP notebook and instantly gain access to all their connected peripherals. Alternatively consumers can integrate their notebook into their home entertainment solution with ease.

With one quick and simple connection, consumers can seamlessly maximize their mobile lifestyle, taking advantage of peripherals such as a widescreen monitor, internet connection and printers or connecting to their television and audio system. Elena Danici, the Consumer Products Category Manager for PSG at HP Middle East, said, “HP aims to provide its customer with stylish accessories to make the most of their computing experience, whether at home, in the office or on the move. HP’s entire range of accessories is optimized to enhance the user experience, enabling consumers to store more, share more and achieve more.”

The HP xb3000 Notebook Expansion Base is a solution for comfort and organisation in the home or office. With an ergonomic design, users can elevate and angle their notebook to an optimum viewing position, whether working on presentations or viewing movies and photographs with friends. Compact in size and with a single cable, the expansion base maintains connection to the internet, networks, power sources and peripherals whilst simultaneously saving space and minimising desktop clutter.

With a sleek high-gloss silver exterior, the expansion base is purposefully designed to compliment the new HP Imprint notebook line-up and look just as great in the home as it does in the office. The integrated Altec Lansing speakers produce immersive stereo sound, perfect for enjoying movies and music from HP’s latest entertainment notebook PCs, such as the HP Pavilion dv9500 Entertainment Notebook PC. In addition, a wireless keyboard and mouse (sold separately) provides increased convenience and maintains the sleek appearance of a notebook PC.

For securely backing up, storing and transferring media and other files, the HP Pocket Media Drive offers up to 160GB of additional storage. Users can share entire photo albums and digital videos with friends or family by simply saving them to the drive and conveniently transferring it to another PC. Small and slimline, at just 1.6 cm in height and 13.6 cm wide, this device fits in the pocket, connects via USB to any desktop or notebook PC and docks in a select range of HP Pavilion PCs.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

EA Announces Medal of Honor Heroes 2

Electronic Arts has announced Medal of Honor Heroes 2, a new game from the Medal of Honor franchise, designed completely for the Wii from Nintendo and the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system. On both the Wii and PSP system, players have the option to tackle all-new missions in traditional single player campaign or engage in massive, 32-player online, continuous-joining multiplayer battles where they could jump into the battle at any time. The Wii version features full support of the Wii Zapper allowing for a more immersive experience than ever, claims EA.

In addition to a fully-fledged single player campaign, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 also features an all-new mode designed specifically for the Wii that simplifies gameplay for players of all skill levels, for easy pick-up-and-play action. This mode plays like an old-school rail shooter — the Wii moves you around, while you do your part—taking enemies out and achieving objectives. According to EA, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for the PSP will deliver the most comprehensive shooter experience to date, with robust single player campaign and on-the-go 32-player multiplayer capability that’ll allow players to battle it out, anytime and anywhere. From the same team that brought Medal of Honor Heroes for the PSP in 2006 (EA Canada), Medal of Honor Heroes 2 will be available this year for the Wii and PSP.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Absolute Nirvana - Creative's Aurvana DJ Headphones

Creative has announced the Creative Aurvana DJ Headphones. Sophistically designed with brushed metal and diamond-cut finishing, these powerful headphones offer precise audio reproduction for discerning music listeners, DJ mixes and home studio monitoring use. Built for ultra-comfort using high-grade acoustic components, the Creative Aurvana DJ Headphones are ideal companion products for any MP3 or portable media players with a regular headphone jack.

It also perfectly complements Creative's latest range of X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity audio systems, offering a truly remarkable listening experience. The Creative Aurvana DJ Headphones follow after the launch of our award-winning Creative Aurvana In-Ear Earphones to bring forth Creative's leadership in offering premium performance personal audio products to complement the demands of today's digital music. The Creative Aurvana DJ Headphones are designed with high performance and optimal comfort in mind.

The powerful yet lightweight Neodymium drivers with Copper-Clad Aluminium Wire voice coils allow the headphones to accurately reproduce music or sound from any media source. The plush leatherette earpads significantly reduce ambient noise, making the headphones ideal for use in a noisy club environment or in the quiet comfort of your home. Key Features and Benefits of Creative Aurvana DJ Headphones Acoustically-tuned 40mm Neodymium drivers with Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire (CCAW) voice coils for accurate and linear response.

Angled earcups optimally direct sound into the ear canal. The Circum-Aural closed-back design with comfortable leatherette ear-pads ensures excellent noise isolation. The Creative Aurvana DJ Headphones can be paired with the high-fidelity Creative X-Fi audio solutions such as Creative Xmod, Creative X-Fi Sound System Z600 and any MP3 or portable media players with a regular headphone jack, including Creative's latest ZEN series of MP3 players such as the Creative ZEN Vision W, Creative ZEN Vision:M and Creative ZEN V Plus. The Creative Aurvana DJ Headphones are now available in retail stores in the UAE at a suggested retail price of AED379 ($103).

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Speed, Style and the Ducati Name - But its not a Motorcycle!

Inspired by Ducati’s legendary racing motorcycles, Sandisk has launched its new flash drive - the sleek Sandisk Extreme Ducati Edition. A tribute to Ducati’s distinctive Italian design and engineering, the new drive has the same glossy red chassis and black trim as the Ducati Corse team motorcycles now racking up victories on the MotoGP circuit.

The true “Ducatisti,” as aficionados of Ducati motorcycles call themselves, will appreciate the attention to detail in the Sandisk Extreme Ducati Edition USB Flash Drive, including the Ducati Corse logo on top of the drive and the red tail light that illuminates whenever the drive is inserted into the USB port of a computer.

On the inside, the drive offers a generous 4 gigabytes (GB) of capacity and front-of-the-pack read and write speeds of 20 megabytes per second - the fastest of the Sandisk portfolio of consumer USB drives. In other words, there isn’t a long wait to fill the drive’s big fuel tank with documents, photos, music and other digital data.

The Sandisk Extreme Ducati Edition USB Flash Drive comes with a custom lanyard, as well as Sandisk’s RescuePRO Deluxe software for recovering data that is accidentally deleted. The drive is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and versions 10.1.2 or better of the Mac operating system.

The drive has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $124.99 in the United States. It is expected to be available in North America and Europe in August, and worldwide in September. The drive will be sold through high-end niche retailers, high-end department stores, Ducati network shops and other outlets, including on-line. It is also available for pre-order on Sandisk's web site at

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LG Redefines TV Design with its Latest LB9 Series

LG Electronics has announced the launch of its latest LB9 LCD TV range, the first in the company’s Design Art series. With tempting black pearl-inspired LCD TVs, LG hopes to build its reputation for design-focused TVs with quality to match. A unique ring-shaped stand is the key feature of the LB9 series. The ring, available in red and black, is utilitarian as well as stylish. Perched atop a ring, the LB9 series incorporates the high glossy piano black frame and a wave-design at the bottom of the panel.

The LB9 series offers viewers a vivid and lifelike viewing experience with LG’s exclusive XD Engine and enhanced 10,000:1 contrast ratio, which creates deeper black levels and provide a fuller range of colours. The LB9 series incorporates LG’s intelligent Eye technology to optimise brightness and contrast, accounting for ambient light.

LG’s proprietary Simple Link technology allows greater control of other compatible equipment such as DVD players and home theatre systems. Also incorporated into the LB9 series televisions are LG’s Dimple Speakers, which create a complete movie watching experience by providing dynamic and powerful sound through minimised air flow turbulence, without disrupting the television’s sleek aesthetics. The LB9 series is currently available in 32-inch, 42-inch and 47-inch models.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

After JAM, KJAM and a Hundred Words Funny, Imate Launches JAMA

i-mate has announced the arrival of its latest Pocket PC for people who want to be instantly mobile without all the fuss of complicated technology. The i-mate JAMA perfectly combines ease-of-use with a very light and extremely compact design and the Instant Messenger Mobile allows you to stay in touch all day with your friends and colleagues while on the move.

Heavily packed with Windows Mobile features, the conveniently priced JAMA has proven to be a hit with customers and will be soon available in stores in UAE, Egypt, Jordon, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain. JAMA has an attractive, 15.6mm slim and a stylish form that allows for a rich multi-media experience with a high quality 2.4-inch touch screen for easy navigation and a 2 MP effect-digital camera.

It is also equipped with Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC giving the user the familiar benefits of all Microsoft Office Mobile applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint Mobile, Internet Explorer Mobile, Direct Push e-mail via Outlook Mobile and Media Player 10 Mobile. The JAMA comes with three useful i-mate applications to enhance the user experience such as i-mate Profile Controller for easy profile and ringtone management.

i-mate Media Controller is a handy application that allows you control your Windows Media Player content with one easy tap on your homescreen. The i-mate Configurator is a utility that automatically sets your GSM, GPRS, Web, MMS and WAP service for many countries, making it out-of-box ready to use.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Samsung Launches the U3

Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of its latest in its range of MP3 player, the Samsung U3. Samsung U3 is driven by flash memory and equipped with USB that weighs only 22.8-gms. The U3 is available in five colours such as white, black, green, pink and blue, with colour-matched EP360 earphones and reel. Models range from 1GB to 4GB with 12 preset equaliser settings to suit the users’ tunes or customise their own settings.

Samsung claims that its U3 has removed the need for cables, cords or docks, or the need to install programs. Its USB allows easy charging and managing of music files by simply dragging and dropping them to the player. The U3’s Samsung Media Studio (SMS) provides Automatic Mood Playlist that enables songs to be organized according to the users’ mood. Other features included in the MP3 players are voice recorder and flash drive with up to 15 hours of playtime on a single charge. The U3 is available in all major electronics outlets and is retailed at $199 for 1GB, $299 for 2GB and $399 for 4GB.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

EA to Launch Crysis Soon!

Crysis is a next-generation PC first-person shooter from Crytek, the award-winning developers of Far Cry. A stunning technical achievement, Crysis combines incredible visuals, cunning gameplay and an epic story that challenges gamers to adapt to survive.

Global tensions have reached boiling point as the US and North Korea square off in the South China Sea. At stake: a mysterious artifact uncovered by a team of US archeologists. The North Korean government quickly seizes the area, prompting the U.S. to dispatch an elite team of Special Forces operatives on a rescue mission.

During the siege the true nature of the artifact quickly emerges, pointing to the existence of an alien presence on Earth, and ultimately the trigger for a massive-scale alien invasion. The battle to save Earth begins as the aliens’ flash freeze the tropics into a ghostly-white frozen landscape.

As gamers take up arms against the aliens, they will be outfitted with customizable weapons and a high tech Nanosuit, allowing them to adapt their tactics and abilities to a hostile, ever-changing environment and a mysterious enemy.

Powered by CryENGINE 2, Crysis delivers the ultimate DX10 gaming experience for the PC, including unparalleled graphics, special effects and artificial intelligence. The game is also scaleable to deliver a breath-taking FPS experience for older DX9 PCs.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

i2 Opens its First Café and Flagship Digital Store in Dubai

i2, one of the region’s largest and most diverse mobile providers, has launched its first café and flagship digital store in Dubai, at BurJuman Shopping Centre. The latest addition to i2’s retail portfolio is located on the third floor of the popular shopping destination.

This is the first time the company has introduced the café concept in the UAE. First launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia almost a year ago, the i2 café is distinguished by its futuristic green and blue décor, and optimal use of wireless technology. Customers, for instance, can place their orders via mobile phones provided on each table.

1000 gift vouchers worth AED 250, 000 in presents given away as part of launch day special promotion “Freebies Frenzy”

They may also enjoy access to mobile services, free internet connection, as well as up-to-the-minute news and information on mobile devices and accessories. Aside from enjoying the trendy café, customers can also take pleasure in a unique shopping experience at the company’s 1500 sq.feet flagship store adjacent to it. The store displays a wide range of IT products alongside mobile devices and accessories from brands such as Nokia, LG, Samsung and Motorola.

As part of the gala launch event, i2 also hosted a special promotion, the ‘Freebies Frenzy’, providing customers with attractive gifts like mobile phones and accessories. Free vouchers were given to the first one thousand customers who redeemed it for gifts worth AED 250, 000 ($68000) in total. Many gathered to take part in the promotion, which created an atmosphere of excitement and fun.

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The Smallest FM Transmitter for iPod: Says Promate

Promate has launched what it calls is the smallest FM Transmitter for iPods. The product looks sleek and cool - similar to the new iPod Shuffle. It is compatible with iPod 4GB, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Photo and iPod Video.

According to the company, the product comes packed with the latest hi-fi stereo radio audio frequency chip, PLL technology, provides music quality comparable to CD players, and allows you to listen to your favourite music through your car stereo system. For more info, visit:

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

LG Looks Forward to Good HomNet Sales

LG Electronics has underlined its keenness to be at the forefront of the Middle East’s thriving hospitality industry with their latest concept in digital lifestyle – HomNet, where it expects to achieve significant turnovers by the year-end.

The LG HomNet Server

Partnering with leading system integrators in the region, LG will be looking to further demonstrate the versatility of their Home Networking division for the hotel industry. In one comprehensive package, LG HomNet integrates eight different solutions - Community Portal, Home Tasking, Home Management, Home Entertainment, Home Safety, Home Communication, Well-Being and Community Management.

LG's PR shot of something that is possible with the HomNet solution.

Last month, LG Electronics confirmed contracts with Sungwon, and Bando & Royal House to outfit more than 1,200 homes in the UAE with comprehensive and tailored HomNet solutions valued at $8.17 million. These include prestigious projects such as Santeville Tower and U-Bora Tower, both in Business Bay, Santeview in Cultural Village as well as Al Naseem Towers in Sharjah.

While technologically enhanced features enable the apartments and villas to be connected through a centralised community server. The residential units are also connected to each other for better community living and homes can be controlled through internet or WAP mobile phones without huge monthly charges. LG HomNet links apartments using a variety of devices and technologies including televisions, internet and mobile phones and offers a more convenient and safer lifestyle.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

EA and Steven Spielberg Get Together to Develop Original Games

Electronic Arts has revealed the first details surrounding two of the three new original intellectual properties in development at EA Los Angeles (EALA) in collaboration with Academy Award winning director and producer, Steven Spielberg.

Steven Spielberg and Louis Castle, the Vice President of Creative Development at EA Los Angeles, enjoy a game on Nintendo Wii.

"I am a gamer myself and game development has always intrigued me,” said Steven Spielberg. “Now I’ve been able to jump in and do it, enjoying the creative collaboration with the EALA team on our first two games and I feel we have two incredibly unique projects in development. I am truly enjoying the creative collaboration and we hope that gamers will be as excited as we are about what we can bring to the medium through our shared vision.”

As an exclusive for the Wii from Nintendo, the first of the two projects will allow for players of all ages to compete in over a hundred challenging, action-packed interactive games that take blocks to a new level of creativity and fun for single player, co-op, and versus gameplay. Additionally, use the Wii remote to build your own fun games and structures or turn the same Wii remote into a destructive tool to bring them crashing down.

“Steven’s vision as both a storyteller and a gamemaker makes partnering with him an incredible experience,” said EA's General Manager, Neil Young. “Together we’re making games that are unique and that we feel will each move the medium in their own way. Through our partnership we are delivering games that are not only engaging and compelling with interactivity, but we hope can also move people emotionally."

The second, and more ambitious project in development, is a contemporary action-packed adventure that puts you in the leading role of an emotional journey where your actions tell the tale. Set against the backdrop of an epic story, the game focuses on a touching and ever-changing relationship between you and a mysterious female character who holds the key to many futures. The game is in development for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Harry Potter Rumour Spreads Computer Worm

Beware of the rumours that say Harry Potter is dead, say Trend Micro, one of the leading providers of network antivirus and internet content security software and services. The demise of the fictitious boy wizard is being reported by malware authors, who are spreading the rumour together with a malicious computer program.

Potter fans who investigate the rumour run the risk of infecting their machines with a computer worm which Trend Micro detects as WORM_HAIRY.A. This is not the first Harry Potter-related malware that TrendLabs, research arm of Trend Micro, has encountered recently. Just a couple of weeks ago an email promising free premiere tickets for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie was discovered to carry a Trojan. (A Trojan is a program which installs malicious software under the guise of doing something else.)

Each Harry Potter story follows twelve months in the life of a young sorcerer and his school, Hogwarts. Anticipation is at an all-time high, with the pending release of both a movie adaptation and the seventh and final novel in author J.K. Rowling’s best-selling series. This massive interest makes “muggles” – non-magic folk, according to the books – into targets for computer crime.

Unfortunate individuals receiving this worm may find that a variety of “dark magic” begins to unfold. Their computers might start displaying a threatening message (“the end is near”). Without its owner’s consent, a computer’s browser can be redirected to a parodic knock-off called Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes, in a bid to trick people into accidentally buying this spoof publication.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Loud and Clear

Having a conversation in and out of the car is about as simple as talking to yourself, thanks to Nokia’s first speakerphone, the stylish Nokia Speakerphone HF-300. This detachable Bluetooth speakerphone hosts a powerful speaker and microphone. Its audio quality is enhanced even more with Digital Signal Processing (DSP), canceling out excess noises and echoes.

No need to concern yourself with the power button – this clever device knows when to turn off (auto power off) after you stop talking. The Nokia Speakerphone HF-300 offers a number of elements that enable easy communications, in and out of the car. It is operated with battery power, so you’re not confined to using it with a power outlet. The speakerphone comes with a sunvisor clip, so you can easily position it for use in the car.

You can talk freely too – the speakerphone has illuminated keys for easy use, without all the fuss of blinking lights. For those extended conversations, take this lightweight (80g) speakerphone outside, into your home or office, and mount it to a surface with its rubber feet. You can enjoy up to 20 hours of talk time! The speakerphone will automatically turn off after five minutes after the connection to the mobile device has been severed. When the battery runs low, the LED battery indicator will light up to alert you.

Available globally, the Nokia Speakerphone HF-300 is compatible with a wide range of Nokia mobile devices supporting Bluetooth Specification 1.1 and higher and Handfree Profile 1.0 and higher. It is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2007 and will cost an estimated $123, excluding taxes.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

A Screwless 3.5-inch External Hard Drive Enclosure

Crema Technology has launched a simple and elegantly designed MB664 Series of hard drive enclosures.

The entire series is compact, slim, and lightweight and is built for 3.5-inch external storage devices. The device comes with a hot swappable screw-less design to enable you to exchange, expand and manage your data with ease.

Protected with a layer of solid aluminum plate plus a partial glossy finish, MB664 Series makes your data mobilisation attractive and secure.
The enclosure is convertible from horizontal lay to vertical standing utilising the retractable foot stands built within the device. According to the company, the enclosure is design to fit and enrich all high-tech lifestyle.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Titan's TTC-G7TZ Notebook Cooling Pad

Titan Computer, which designs and manufactures a range of computer cooling solutions, has announced the availability of a new notebook cooling pad, TTC-G7TZ. This cooling pad is lightweight and contains two 80x80x15mm fans, and it is compatible with most notebooks, with screen sizes of up to 15-inch.

Today's mobile processors generate a lot of heat. If you put your notebook through long hours of work or play, you will definitely need a cooler. With two powerful fans, the TTC-G7TZ is able to provide great ventilation to your hard-working notebook and keep your notebook cool. Also, the TTC-G7TZ is an economy model with a low price, and it definitely one of the choices for budget users.

The use of this cooling pad is quite simple. Just place your notebook on top of it and connect the USB power cable to a free USB port on your notebook. No batteries or any power adapter is required. For more info, check out the company's web site at

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

AMD Unleashes the ATI Radeon HD 2600 and ATI Radeon HD 2400 Series

AMD has announced the arrival of the ATI Radeon HD 2600 and ATI Radeon HD 2400 series, the mid-range and entry-level graphics processors in the ATI Radeon HD 2000 series. These next-generation graphics processing units (GPU) bring premium support for Windows Vista with feature-rich DirectX 10 graphics, and built-in multimedia functions for an immersive HD video experience on the PC.

Ranging from $89-$149 for the ATI Radeon HD 2600 series and $50-$85 for the ATI Radeon HD 2400 series, the new graphics solutions deliver compelling performance and image quality at an unbelievable price point. The ATI Radeon HD 2600 and ATI Radeon 2400 series have enjoyed broad customer adoption and are designed into a significant number of major OEM mainstream and value DirectX 10 PCs to be shipped in 2H07.

The ATI Radeon HD 2600 and ATI Radeon HD 2400 series deliver remarkable gaming performance and maximise the HD visual effects within Windows Vista and DirectX 10. The powerful second-generation unified shader architecture introduces the era of immersive HD gaming, delivering an ideal balance of high performance, advanced visual effects and breathtaking realism for both the casual and avid gamer. Gamers wanting more horsepower will discover that both series feature native ATI CrossFire technology, allowing for a wider variety of multi-GPU configurations.

The ATI Radeon HD 2600 series and ATI Radeon HD 2400 series provide powerful graphics performance for quick multitasking between applications with the Windows Aero 3D user interface. ATI Catalyst graphics management software is certified for Windows Vista and is designed for quick and easy setup of graphics, video, and multiple displays. Both series feature the Unified Video Decoder (UVD) for advanced hardware HD video processing and HDMI with built-in HD audio controller for stunning big-screen entertainment.

Home theatre aficionados will be captivated by ATI Avivo HD technology that delivers sharp images and vibrant colour fidelity for Blu-ray and HD DVD content. With support for Blu-ray discs and HD DVDs, CyberLink’s PowerDVD Ultra, now offers support for UVD technology from AMD, ensuring enhanced video quality with low CPU utilisation. Using an energy-efficient 65nm process technology to reduce power consumption, certain ATI Radeon HD 2600 series and ATI Radeon HD 2400 series models are designed to be passively cooled for a quieter home theatre experience.

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Get a Grip on Hot Spots

Buffalo Technology has launched its Wireless-G High Gain Omni Directional USB2.0 Adapter (WLI-U2-SG54HG). Designed for consumers and business travelers seeking improved wireless Internet signal, the device attaches to the back of any laptop screen or any flat surface with its suction pads, offering a convenient way to achieve high-speed connectivity on the move.

The Wireless-G Omni Directional Adapter can connect to a laptop with an available USB port via its USB 2.0/1.1 interface. It features a built-in multi-directional high gain antenna, providing consumers with better coverage in wireless hot spots than the standard 802.11g wireless network and also features Buffalo’s AOSS (One-Touch Secure System) technology, which allows easy, one-touch wireless security installation.

The device can reach distances up to twice as far as Buffalo’s existing adapter and being on the 802.11g network, hot spot users will be able to experience data rates of up to 54-Mbps. In addition to AOSS, the device incorporates advanced security features such as WPA-PSK with AES/TKIP and 128/64-bit WEP. Backed by a limited two-year warranty, the Wireless-G High Gain USB 2.0 Adapter (WLI-U2-SG54HG) will be available immediately at an estimated street price of $44.99.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tracking Activities of this Blog Just got Easy

I have subscribed to the FeedBlitz service. This service allows you to keep your Blog's readers up to date with updations on your Blog. This is what its web site says:
FeedBlitz is a service that monitors blogs, RSS feeds and Web URLs to provide greater reach for feed publishers. FeedBlitz takes all the headache out of converting feed and blog updates into email digests, delivered daily to subscribers' inboxes. FeedBlitz manages subscriptions, circulation tracking, testing, and is compatible with all major blogging platforms and services such as Blogger, Typepad and FeedBurner. Unlike other blogmail services, FeedBlitz is reliable, scalable and fully supported. No betas, wish lists or road map items here. You're in production, and so is FeedBlitz.

FeedBlitz also enables end users to monitor any feed or blog, anonymously if they wish, regardless of whether the publisher of that feed is using FeedBlitz. FeedBlitz therefore provides a simple way for users to receive updates from their trusted sources using a familiar and ubiquitous medium - email.

In the image above, I have marked an area which mentions the number of people who have subscribed to this blog. If you want to subscribe, all you need to do is click on it and you will be redirected to the subscription page, where you can enter your e-mail address.

Once subscribed, you will receive an e-mail similar to the one featured above. The e-mail is sent once a day and includes all the new blog-posts posted on the site on that day.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Nokia's Communicator Gets Cool

Nokia has launched its newest version of the Communicator - the Nokia E90. The mobile phone giant claims that the Nokia E90 Communicator sets the standard for an uncompromised “mobile office” experience.

The Nokia E90 Communicator is now based on the S60 platform. It also comes with an integrated GPS and Nokia Maps application, which allows users to find routes and locating services. For increased personal convenience, the Nokia E90 Communicator is equipped with an FM radio, a music player, a video player and two cameras - a 3.2-megapixel auto focus camera with flash and a second camera for videoconferencing.

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PSP's new Video Camera Accessory - the Go!Cam

Sony has announced the arrival of the PSP (PlayStation Portable) camera, called the Go!Cam. According to the company, Go!Cam promises to bring the creativity of film, photos and the fun of PSP together to create a camera for all ages and all occasions.

With a retail price of $54, Go!Cam, Sony says, "this is yet another example of how PSP is a mobile entertainment system with no limits." With up to two and half hours video recording time and the ability to take and store over 40,000 photos, Go!Cam seamlessly converts PSP to a portable, functional and fun camera.

Go!Cam offers a built in microphone to ensure continuous audio, the ability to change the direction of the camera lens vertically by 180 degrees and Go!Edit, an editing software package which allows users to save and edit photos, video and audio clips. The Go!Edit editing software, which is downloadable from here allows you to transform your PSP into a portable editing suite, letting you edit on the move.

With the ability to enhance movies and photos with sounds and graphical effects, Go!Edit provides everything to make a mini masterpiece. Go!Edit also allows you to upload creations onto the internet directly from the PSP, meaning that nothing need stand in your way to share your masterpiece with the world.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Comfort at its Best

After Dubai Government announced of air-conditioned bus shelters across the city, it's time for UAE's capital to hog some limelight. Abu Dhabi is in the process of installing the Middle East's first modern public facilities across the city.

One of the air-conditioned bus stops in Dubai, UAE.

The Abu Dhabi Municipality has claimed that it will be installing 60 state of the art, advanced public toilet facilities in strategic locations throughout the city. The location of the public toilets will be decided by the Abu Dhabi Municipality and will focus on strategic areas with high footfall.

Automatic Public Toilets in Abu Dhabi.

The first two public toilets are located on Salam Street and on the Corniche. According to the official statement I received this morning from Abu Dhabi Municipality, "these facilities are top of the range, state of the art and are in line with the modern public toilets found in major cities and world capitals such as London and Paris."

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