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Monday, August 13, 2007

Fake iPhones in Dubai

Chinese-made fake iPhones are flooding the Dubai market, reports Gulf News. According to the news report, a mobile phone store in Bani Yas Square, is selling a fake version of the phone (made in China), parading it as a genuine Apple product.

The Real iPhone

The imitation retails for AED1,400 ($381) and no warranty is on offer. The news report also claims that the salespeople selling the fake phone are telling customers that no refund or exchange is possible, once brought. The iPhone costs $500 (about Dh1,836) or $600 (about Dh2,203) in the United States, depending on the phone's capacity.

The imitation available in Dubai, runs a version of a Linux operating system that is commonly found on Motorola phones. Once you turn on the phone, Apple's logo is followed by a background image of fish and coral, similar to the one seen in iPhone commercials, on the screen. Check this video out - it's again a fake Apple iPhone.

EnGadget meanwhile claims that there are a hell lot of fake iPhones, currently doing rounds on the market. However, if you are one of those, who look at their current phones and think: "I wish I could have an iPhone. Those iPhones, I've heard, are darn pretty hot," you have two options. Either buy the real thing, or you can try software applications that can enable many phones with some, if not all, of the features that Steve Jobs has shown on his fancy magic slab.


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