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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nokia's N800 Internet Tablet Arrives in the Middle East

Emirates Computers has announced the launch of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet in the UAE. The sleek, widescreen Nokia N800 Internet Tablet combines seamless wireless connectivity with a host of advanced features, for anytime, anywhere internet access. The N800 represents the ultimate portability, integrating the internet into daily life for a new level of connectivity.

The ultra-sensitive touch-screen and handwriting recognition features provide an intuitive user interface. Users can enjoy an extraordinary multimedia experience thanks to the integrated multimedia capabilities, high-resolution display and high audio quality speakers. The device comes with a host of free, built-in applications that provide easy access to everything from internet radio and instant messaging to web browsing and email. Users can also take advantage of internet calling with video or conduct video conferences with the integrated web camera.

A wide variety of freely downloadable open-source applications further enhance this Linux-based device, such as the Maemo Mapper, a free GPS software that allows it to be used as a convenient personal navigation system. Other applications include Orb, which lets users instantly enjoy digital media providing total connectivity to stream photos, music, video and TV.

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