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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bambaiya Lingo

Was reading through an article at The article suggested some Mumbaiya (Bambaiya) Lingo. Here they go...

A for Aila
A Marathi exclamation made famous by Sachin Tendulkar in a Pepsi ad when he says ‘Aila, plane’

B for Bhendi
A mild expletive or abuse. The ignorant might think this is local lingo for a vegetable (okra). The tapori knows better

C for Chindi
Some say it means insignificant. For others it denotes tight-fistedness. Eg: ‘Bindi is chindi. She won’t even pay for the trip.’

Arshad Warsi played a tapori in the film Munnabhai MBBS.

D for Dhasu
It means great or fabulous. Like what a ‘dhasu’ idea it is to read this tapori talk

E for Ekdum
Not that hard to figure out. Ekdum means absolutely. So ekdum bekaar means absolutely useless

F for Fadoo
Good, fabulous or beautiful quite in the same vein as Dhasu. A fabulous broom might be explained as a ‘fadoo of a jhadoo’

G for Ghanta
Means rubbish or nonsense. If a politician claims: ‘I will eradicate corruption’, the janta comprising Santa-Banta might say Ghanta

H for Hatke
Hatke actually means original or slightly different. Not to be confused with ‘hat gayi hai’, which means he’s lost his marbles

I for Item
Used to refer to a sexy girl — Kya item hai. These days girls also use the word to describe a handsome man

J for Jhol
A common word for a scam or a bungle. Examples: What Jhol is all this?; Sounds like some jhol to me, yaar; Solid jhol in this poll

K for Kalti
This means to give somebody the slip or not keep a promise. It may also mean a turnaround. Example: Usne aaj kalti diya

L for Lafda
Fairly common usage for a squabble. The lafda can also have sexual connotation — Are they having a lafda (affair)?

M for Maal
Dial M for money. That is what maal stands for. It’s also a derogatory slang for a woman — Kya maal hai!

N for Nastar
The taporis tell me this means bad omen or what is more commonly known as ‘panvati’. Another says, it means atheist

O for Ookhad
The word is used rather combatively. Two men in a skirmish might growl at one another: ‘Ookhad kar phek doonga’

P for Punter
It means source or informant. Yeh dekh punter aaya, is the way it is said

Q for Qeeda
This rather strange word means a person who is always up to something, some mischief or is posing as a major irritant

R for Rapchick
More commonly pronounced as ‘raaapchick’, it is used to refer to a sexy, curvaceous woman

S for Sumbdi
This stands for a rather secretive person or somebody who is clever enough not to reveal all. Not to be confused with shy or reticent

T for Tapori
These are roadside rowdies. Tapori talk is becoming more mainstream and losing its stigma

U for Ungli
A rather obvious obscene interpretation. It also means to bait or rile a person and try to get a rise out of them

V for Vaat
Means this is the end of you today. It all means the end, khatam, finito — Aaj toh vaat lag jayega

W for Wohich
It simply means him and him only — Wohich hai, aur doosra kohich nahi

X for Xhun
Xhun is used to describe the sound of a slap. Crack. Xhun se laafa maara

Y for Yeda
Also known as veda in Marathi. It means mad and used in a derogatory tone

Z for Zandu
Zandu stands for Lallu (not Prasad Yadav) or Mamu, one who is spineless. Apologies to Zandu Chawanprash


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