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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Samsung Launches the U3

Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of its latest in its range of MP3 player, the Samsung U3. Samsung U3 is driven by flash memory and equipped with USB that weighs only 22.8-gms. The U3 is available in five colours such as white, black, green, pink and blue, with colour-matched EP360 earphones and reel. Models range from 1GB to 4GB with 12 preset equaliser settings to suit the users’ tunes or customise their own settings.

Samsung claims that its U3 has removed the need for cables, cords or docks, or the need to install programs. Its USB allows easy charging and managing of music files by simply dragging and dropping them to the player. The U3’s Samsung Media Studio (SMS) provides Automatic Mood Playlist that enables songs to be organized according to the users’ mood. Other features included in the MP3 players are voice recorder and flash drive with up to 15 hours of playtime on a single charge. The U3 is available in all major electronics outlets and is retailed at $199 for 1GB, $299 for 2GB and $399 for 4GB.

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