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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Titan's TTC-G7TZ Notebook Cooling Pad

Titan Computer, which designs and manufactures a range of computer cooling solutions, has announced the availability of a new notebook cooling pad, TTC-G7TZ. This cooling pad is lightweight and contains two 80x80x15mm fans, and it is compatible with most notebooks, with screen sizes of up to 15-inch.

Today's mobile processors generate a lot of heat. If you put your notebook through long hours of work or play, you will definitely need a cooler. With two powerful fans, the TTC-G7TZ is able to provide great ventilation to your hard-working notebook and keep your notebook cool. Also, the TTC-G7TZ is an economy model with a low price, and it definitely one of the choices for budget users.

The use of this cooling pad is quite simple. Just place your notebook on top of it and connect the USB power cable to a free USB port on your notebook. No batteries or any power adapter is required. For more info, check out the company's web site at

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