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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And now... the Media Player Review

I am back to Dubai from my trip to Taipei. I was there to cover Computex Taipei 2007. During my 7-day stay, I visited the computer street in Taipei and bough myself a hard disk drive case, which also doubles up as a multimedia player.

As promised in my post, here's the review. I bought the hard disk drive case for about AED190 (NTD 1800). While such cases are also available in Dubai, they cost on the higher side. For instance, the case I bought from Taipei for AED 190, would easily cost around AED350 (NTD 3500). The build quality of the case is awesome and the UI is quite easy to use.

Yesterday evening, I went to Computer Plaza here in Dubai and bough myself a 120GB 2.5-inch hard disk drive for use in the multimedia player case, for AED260.

Last time I checked in Taipei, a 120GB 2.5-inch hard disk cost about NTD 2000 (AED200). But I was a bit wary buying a hard disk from Taipei - what if the hard disk refused to work, once I was back in Dubai? There would definitely be no way for me to get it replaced or exchanged.

I removed the hard disk drive from its packing and connected it to my Compaq Presario laptop. My laptop immediately recognised the hard disk.

Next, I downloaded CompuApps SwissKnife V3.22 to do the partitioning and the formatting bit. True to its name, the tool worked wonders - the 120GB spanking new hard disk was partitioned into two different parts and formatted within a matter of seconds.

I then proceeded to transfer some DivX, MPEG, VOB, MP3 and some images onto it, to check out the compatibility of such file formats.

Everything seemed to play well. In fact, the quality of the playback was awesome. In fact, it also automatically played subtitle files!

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