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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Computex - Part Duex

Having to cover Computex Taipei this year, I landed up in the city of great electronics and IT products, and stinky Tofu, for the second time. Took a long 11 hour flight from Dubai via Hong Kong to Taipei, Taiwan. I came to Taipei last year for the first time (again to cover Computex) and immediately fell in love with the city. This time too, it wasn't any different. It was a pleasant surprise to be welcomed by rains! Aaah... finally a relief from Dubai's HOT and dusty weather. But the relief will only stay on for 7 days until June 10th, when I return to Dubai. Sigh.

Taipei 101 at night

It was great to see some folks from TAITRA - the organisers of Computex - waiting at the Chiang Kai Shek airport to receive journos from around the world, turning up for the event. Computex by the way, is world's second largest IT exhibition, only second to CeBIT, which is held in Hannover, Germany. After a 1.5 hour travel through amazing locales and beautiful sceneries, I reached my hotel - Crowne Plaza (now known as Rebar City Crown) at 3:00pm, entered my room (911) on the 9th floor.

Room 911, Rebar City Crown Hotel, Taipei

I then hit the shower, dressed up smart, and then headed to the opening ceremony of Computex, which was to start at 5:00 pm.
Taiwan World Trade Center

Was feeling sleepy all through the event, since I hadn't slept a wink on the flight, and was a bit tired with all the travel. But the event went well. There was a live orchestra playing in the background, while we were all having dinner.

The live orchestra at the opening ceremony of Computex 2007

The biggest surprise at the event was meeting a few friends from my first job as a journalist - Cybermedia. I joined Cybermedia way back in 2002. Din din done, and I headed straight to the exit of the event hall to get to my hotel and hit the hay. As I was exiting, one of the cute girls at the reception booth of the event, handed me a fluffy doll - the Computex mascot.

The Computex Mascot Doll

I took the doll, smiled and thanked her, and left.


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