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Friday, February 16, 2007

Please Help This Boy Live

Kiruba, one of the most influential bloggers in India has started an initiative to help Prabhu, a college student, who fell off a building and critically injured himself. The boy and his friends were on their hostel terrace, three floors high. While playing around, one of his friends tripped over the side wall, and while trying to hold on to anything to keep him from falling, he unfortunatley grabbed his friend's shirt. So, both the boys crashed to the ground below. Luckily, both the guys survived but with terrible consquences.

Half of Prabhu's ribs are broken, heavy internal bleeding, hands and legs fractured and he's become limp waist down. Kiruba also says that though the other kid is also serious, we right now have no information about his status. Right now, Prabhu has been admitted to the Apollo Hospital in Chennai, since an operation needs to be performed on Prabhu. The total estimated cost of the operation works out to Rs. 8.5 Lakhs. Thus, Kiruba has set up a PayPal account to collect funds from the Blogger community or from anyone who visits his Blog.

You can too help Prabhu and his parents by contributing some amount towards his operation, even if the amount is too little, it will be of much help to them. Please visit Kiruba's Blog and help Prabhu live. Or you can use the widget below to make the payments. Your help will be highly appreciated.


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