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Monday, September 25, 2006

Getting Around Barcelona

Since I had nothing better to do the whole of 19th, I visited the nearby Diagonal Mar Mall. I window shopped for a while, before having my lunch there. After lunch I returned to the hotel and asked the conceirge about city tours. I was told that a service called Barcelona Bus Turistic takes care of city tours - they operate double deckered busses with open tops, for a ride around the town. The attendant at the reception told me that the bus leaves every 15 minutes from the hotel.

The ticket cost me 18 euros - the cost includes ride on three different tourist routes around the city for the price of one. I jumped for the offer. I left the hotel on the bus at around 1:45 pm and toured the entire city on the bus, until 8 pm! The best thing about the Bus Turistic Service is that the service has stops all over Barcelona.

If you want to have a closer look at the place you are visiting, you can always get off the bus at any stop and explore the area. Once you are done, return to the bus stop and hop onto the next Bus Turistic bus as per your convenience. I think the idea is awesome - since you pay just a flat fee and use the service as many times as possible the whole day. The service runs on three different routes - the Northern route and the Southern Route are two hours long, while the Forum route is 40 minutes long.

You can get into any route from any Bus Turistic point in the city. Here's a collection of pictures of a few places I visited on the city tour:

The images include some pics taken from my hotel's elevator, some interesting buildings - one of which Spaniards claim looks like sea waves of the Mediterranean sea, while the balcony represent the sea weeds. One building looks like a castle too.

Then there's a set of pictures of the Sagrada Familia Church, which is under construction. It is famous because of its unique architecture. Then there's La Rotonda building - I don't know what it is for, but that's what the building says:P Then there's one more old church building. There is also the stadium of the Football Club Barcelona. And finally, the Olympics torch, which is a part of the Olympics Village built for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.


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