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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Is this the Future of Digital Entertainment?

Years back, when digital audio players such as the iPod took the industry by storm, people wouldn’t have imagined that these players would soon mature to chic looking gadgets that could pack in much more capabilities. The world of the iPods is finally being eclipsed by a new breed of digital entertainment products called personal media players. These are a slew of devices that let you do it all on the move: play games, watch movies, listen to music, browse through snapshots, and even—if you insist—connect to the outside world.

And I’m not complaining, since I myself own an MSI Megaplayer 566 and I love the gadget already. It lets me play videos, listen to music, browse through my digital album collection and most importantly, record videos or music from any source. For instance, I can now directly record MiniDV video footage into ASF file format directly from the television, using the MSI Megaplayer 566. This really is a relief, as I would not have to spend hours trying to convert MiniDV footage to a video format, which I can then use to burn onto a CD or a DVD. That’s awesome!

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