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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Comfort at its Best

After Dubai Government announced of air-conditioned bus shelters across the city, it's time for UAE's capital to hog some limelight. Abu Dhabi is in the process of installing the Middle East's first modern public facilities across the city.

One of the air-conditioned bus stops in Dubai, UAE.

The Abu Dhabi Municipality has claimed that it will be installing 60 state of the art, advanced public toilet facilities in strategic locations throughout the city. The location of the public toilets will be decided by the Abu Dhabi Municipality and will focus on strategic areas with high footfall.

Automatic Public Toilets in Abu Dhabi.

The first two public toilets are located on Salam Street and on the Corniche. According to the official statement I received this morning from Abu Dhabi Municipality, "these facilities are top of the range, state of the art and are in line with the modern public toilets found in major cities and world capitals such as London and Paris."

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