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Monday, July 02, 2007

PSP's new Video Camera Accessory - the Go!Cam

Sony has announced the arrival of the PSP (PlayStation Portable) camera, called the Go!Cam. According to the company, Go!Cam promises to bring the creativity of film, photos and the fun of PSP together to create a camera for all ages and all occasions.

With a retail price of $54, Go!Cam, Sony says, "this is yet another example of how PSP is a mobile entertainment system with no limits." With up to two and half hours video recording time and the ability to take and store over 40,000 photos, Go!Cam seamlessly converts PSP to a portable, functional and fun camera.

Go!Cam offers a built in microphone to ensure continuous audio, the ability to change the direction of the camera lens vertically by 180 degrees and Go!Edit, an editing software package which allows users to save and edit photos, video and audio clips. The Go!Edit editing software, which is downloadable from here allows you to transform your PSP into a portable editing suite, letting you edit on the move.

With the ability to enhance movies and photos with sounds and graphical effects, Go!Edit provides everything to make a mini masterpiece. Go!Edit also allows you to upload creations onto the internet directly from the PSP, meaning that nothing need stand in your way to share your masterpiece with the world.

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