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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Slim and Trim

Samsung has unveiled its smart and stylish designed external slim slot-in drive. The model, named SE-T084L is a slot-in type DVD writer with USB connection for both Lap-top and desktop users. With easy insert and eject function that slot-in drives give (just push the disc to insert), this drive has special features that sets apart it from other external slim or slot type drives is the point that this drive supports disc burning from USB BUS power.

While most of drives in the market support USB BUS power reading, SAMSUNG supports both reading and writing media, unleashing you from heavy carriage. It means that you don’t have to carry AC adaptor (which is as heavy as the drive itself) with you. 8cm disc support is another attractive point that only SAMSUNG ODD presents.SE-T084L supports 8cm disc reading and writing so that you can have much compatibility with your Disc Camcorder which uses 8cm disc inside.

In case of black out or damaged PC, or in case you turned off the DVD writer forgot to take the disc out SAMSUNG slot-in DVD writer suggests an easy and simple way. You can pull the disc out by just tipping the emergency hole with included pin. No need to connect the drive to PC or AC adaptor again. The drive reads and writes DVD+R and DVD-R at 8X speed and DVD-RAM at 5X. It reads DVD+R Dual Layer at 8x and write at 6X, about DVD-R Dual Layer reading and writing speed is 8X and 4X each.

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