For the heck of it

Monday, January 01, 2007

Got Myself an E61

I recently got myself a Nokia E61. I have been toying the idea of upgrading my cell phone for over four years now. All this while, I have been using a Nokia 2100. I had my eyes on the Palm Treo, but didn't want to take up the gadget. Don't get me wrong, the Treo is an impressive piece of technology. However I wanted my next phone to support wireless internet, which the Treo doesn't (as yet!!!).

During my recent conversation with Palm officials at the GITEX 2006 IT event in Dubai, I did pose this question. The officials has this to say: "Yes, Wireless LAN is definitely on the radar for Palm... but not as yet." Duh! What's the use of a gadget that doesn't support wireless LAN today? So, I researched on the internet and ultimately Nokia E61 seemed as a much smarter choice.

What impressed me most was that E61 supports Symbian's 60 series 2nd Edition OS. I really didn't want to go for a phone that supported Windows Mobile OS - so phones such as those from Imate, O2, and so on, were out of the picture. And since my colleague Shravan had been experimenting with his E61 for quite sometime, the sheer usability and the functionality of the phone got me interested.

A run down of the features:
* Supports the most common features of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel (Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP and 2003). Compatible with Zip Manager and Adobe Reader
* Multi-tasking abilities: send and receive emails while talking on the phone
* Access to up-to-date calendar and contact information
* Works in offline mode – read and write email even when network is unavailable
* Large user memory: up to 64 MB + support for miniSD card
* WCDMA provides fast, wide-area connectivity
* WLAN provides fast, local-area connectivity
* Large, advanced high-resolution screen shows images sharper and reduces scrolling
* Supports push email solutions that provide immediate notification when a new email is received (Intellisync Wireless Email, BlackBerry Connect, Good Mobile Messaging, Seven Always-On Mail, Visto email technology)1