For the heck of it

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

For your eyes only

Am back from Taiwan, and boy the trip was awesome. Though I didn't get to see the whole of Taipei in these four days, I did see the better part of it. So, till the time I upload all the images and a quick travel report on this page, here are some images of "Booth Babes" at the Computex 2006 exhibition for you to enjoy. ;o)

The Computex Mascot with two cuties

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Am off to Computex

I will be travelling to Taiwan for four days of IT extravaganza called Computex. Computex is the world's second largest IT exhibition, which is held in Taipei, Taiwan every year. Imagine four days being surrounded by the best of technology!! I hope to make a good use of this opportunity and engage in some interesting discussions about upcomming technologies. I also hope to explore Taipei a bit - have already made a list of places to visit (and snap up some pictures :o) )

I'll be flying Cathay Pacific from Dubai to Hongkong and then take a connecting flight to Taiwan. The approximate flight time from Dubai to Hongkong is about 8 hours, while the flight time from Hongkong to Taiwan is about 1 and a half hours. Hope, the jetlag wont be too hard to take.