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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Facts about Aamchi Mumbai

Here are some more about Mumbai (Bombay) added to its ever-growing list of facts.

Financial capital: Mumbai is the commercial and financial capital of India. It contributes over Rs 40,000 crore or approximately, one-third of the country’s annual taxes.

GDP generator: It generates over 20% of Maharashtra’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and 5% of the country’s GDP

Taking stock: The Bombay Stock Exchange, the oldest stock exchange in Asia, is located in Dalal Street, Mumbai. There are around 3,500 companies in the country, which are listed and have a serious trading volume. The market capitalization of the BSE is Rs 5 trillion. The BSE Sensex is a widely used market index for the BSE. As of 2005, it is among the five biggest stock exchanges in the world in terms of number of transactions.

Foreign trade: The city handles one-third of the country’s total foreign trade.

Busiest airport: Mumbai airport is the largest and busiest in the country.

World’s biggest film industry: Mumbai nourishes its inimitable film industry, which is the biggest in the world. From Filmistan to Film City, the power supply needed to keep its wheels moving is huge. Also, with the recent bout of popular television serials being increasingly shot in Mumbai, the city needs to shoulder the entertainment industry like never before.

Rail network: Mumbai’s suburban railway network is the only profit-making passenger railway network in India.

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