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Monday, May 02, 2005

Infosys 9th on 'The Wired 40' list

Bangalore-based Infosys Technologies is the only Indian company to make it to the Wired magazine's 'The Wired 40' list.

Infosys made the list at number nine, behind top ranked Apple and Google, which is number two on the list. In the process Infosys has been ranked ahead of corporate behemoths like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, SAP, Cisco, Dell and GE. Toyota, which is giving Detroit majors like Ford and GM a run for its money, was ranked at number eight.

The magazine had this to say about Infosys, which has moved up two ranks since the last year:

"The caricature of the Indian outsourcing industry as a voracious monster bent on devouring US jobs isn't just oversimplified, it's obsolete. Case in point: Infosys. The Indian coding shop, which garnered $1.1 billion in sales last year, is hiring 500 employees for Infosys Consulting, a $20 million foray into high-end IT advice based in - guess again -- Fremont, California. Dirt-cheap outsourcing plus strategic guidance makes for a powerful combination -- and one that moves jobs back to the US."

Wired pointed out that the challenge for Infosys would come in the form of competition from Asia. "Beware, the rest of Asia. In the low-cost sweepstakes, China is to India as India is to Western economies."

On the flip side the magazine pointed out that the opportunity for a company like Infosys lay in taking a leaf out of what PC maker Dell did. Infosys, Wired said, could potentially, "do to bloated US consultancies what Dell did to the PC industry."

Read about it at Rediff (though the list is wrong) and Wired.


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