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Sunday, April 03, 2005

World's tallest building in India!

Noida is aiming at reaching the top of the world by building the world's tallest building as part of the Noida City Center. Plans to build this record-breaking skyscraper in this Delhi suburb were given the go-ahead on March 29, 2005. Local officials say that the building in Noida would be 710 metres (2,330ft or 135-storey) tall - 202 metres higher than Taiwan's Taipei 101, the current tallest building on the planet. The skyscraper, said to have been designed to resemble the peaks of the Himalayas, is scheduled to be open for business by 2013. It will contain a 50-floor five-star hotel, a 40-storey glass atrium and 370,000 sq metres (4m sq ft) of shopping centres.

The world's tallest tower - Taiwan's Taipei 101

Read more about the Noida Project here and here

However, Dubai is also aiming at building the world's tallest building - Burj Dubai, which will be about 2,300 feet high (700 meters). Work for this project has already started and is expected to be completed by 2008.

The Burj Dubai Project

Read about the Burj Dubai project here.

But am still unsure, whether the Noida project will take off - there have been talks of developing the world's largest building called Center of India Tower in Katangi, Madhya Pradesh. This 224-story, 2222-foot(677m) pyramid-shaped building was scheduled to be started on November 6, 2004. The building was to be financed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (The Beatles former spiritual leader), and was to be his new world headquarters. However, there hasn't much been done as far as this project is concerned. The firm designing this tower are known for a previous large development, the Twin Towers in Battery Park City, NYC.

The Center of India Tower

Even Forbes has a mention of this.


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