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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How dumb could people get??

I was browsing through apna Mid Day, when I stumbled into this news item. The news item ellaborates on how a couple in Mumbai, who were engaged and about to be married soon, lost their cell phone in an auto rickshaw. Well, people lose cell phone everyday - but if I had a cell phone with an MMS video on it, which I had shot during a private moment with my girl, I would guard my cell phone with all my life.

This couple forgot their Nokia 3230 camera mobile phone in an auto rickshaw, while alighting from it. Now they have nowhere to run. It's just a wait and watch game and it would be worse. The couple haven't yet found the phone, which contains clips they shot of themselves in private, as an experiment. They are now paranoid that somebody will find it and circulate the images / video clips.

Some tips for people shooting MMS clips of themselves:
1. Never shoot an MMS clip containing you or your partner in intimacy.
2. If you do however feel the urge to shoot such a video clip, store it in a secure place and hide it away so that nobody gets their hands on them. Remember, an intimate MMS clip of yours, on your phone is the worst mistake you could ever make.
3. If your phone has a Bluetooth or Infrared function, make sure its turned off and not in a "discoverable" mode. There are sick people out there with the tools required to hack into your mobile phone through these wireless technologies.
4. If your phone ever gets infected by a virus, be sure to delete the MMS clip, before you send it off for servicing.
5. Never install any unexpected application received by MMS message from any senders (including your friends!). It could be a virus, which would forward all the contents of your phone, including the clips, to an unknown recipient.


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