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Sunday, February 26, 2006

For all the dopers and smokers...

There's a modern saying - "Kissing a smoker is like licking an ash-tray". While this is what non smokers say, there are a few people who advocate smoking - some people have gone to the extent of producing a song to encourage smokers.

I got a similar song as a forward from one of my colleagues recently. The song titled "Suttah" - which means Cigarette, is a brainchild of a Pakistani band called Zeest. The band was interviewed by apna Mid-Day last month.

The interview reveals that Zeest is made up of founder, composer, guitarist, lyricist and lead vocalist Skip, manager and supporting vocalist Abeer and Anas, Aneel and Raheel on conga, tabla, and drums.

Says Skip:
I guess the real creator of the B C Sutta phrase is my dad, Abdullah Bhai. In the good old college days, I remember bunking classes and smoking with my friends all night long. When my father came to know what I had been upto he’d often say, “B******d! Sutta peeta hai inn lafungo kay saath”

I created this satirical, comical, slang song just for fun, but I always wanted to compose a song that could reflect my life story and that of other optimistic losers too. The song is so popular only because every average “tapori bachcha” can relate to it.

The song can be downloaded here.

The lyrics of the song can be found below:

WARNING: Contains explicit lyrics.
Coughs... OK, this song is dedicated to all the smokers and dopers by Zeest, the Band

Doston main biatha, main suttah pee raha,
abba ne mujhe suttah peete dekh liya,
ghar jab main pohuncha, mujhe danda ho gaya,
b******d sutta, mujhe sutta na mila - (4)

College mein gaya, mujhe pyaar ho gaya,
usne bhi mujhse mera sutta cheen liyaa,
sadkon mein ghooma, main tanha reh gaya,
b******d sutta, mujhe sutta na mila - (4)

Shaadi huyi, main husband ban gaya,
raat bhar thoka, main thak ke gir gaya,
khushiyon ki khatir, mera sutta chin gaya,
b******d sutta...

b******d sutta, mujhe sutta na mila - (4)

b******d, m*******d...


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