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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Welcome To Your Worst Nightmare

Spoiler Warning

I watched Hostel yesterday and I should say that it's frickin' sick! To describe the movie in two words - Sleazefest and Gore. Well, it's a usual Quentin Tarantino movie - the first half of the movie seems like fun, while post interval is where you encounter a shock. The movie has however been directed by Eli Roth - the director of "Cabin Fever". Hostel is the second mainstream film by Roth, whose Cabin Fever was a playful throwback to 70s gritty horror. It was gory, to be sure, but much lighter than Roth's second effort - Hostel.

Hostel has been shot in Europe entirely. (UPDATED: Now though the directors will have us assume that the movie has been shot in Bratislava, Slovakia, the story has actually been shot entirely in Prague, Czech Republic). The story revolves around three guys who are backpacking in Europe - two Americans (Paxton and Josh), and one Icelandic (Óli). The movie opens with them having fun in Amsterdam (UPDATED: which is again Prague and not Amsterdam, as the directors would like us to believe) - doping and checking out brothels. After they are denied entrance into a hostel where they stay, because they arrived after curfew, they go to an acquaintance's apartment to spend the night.

At the apartment they learn about a hostel in Bratislava, Slovakia, with incredibly hot women who will do just about anything for foreign American boys. That idea alone should sound off an alarm, but our friends are, well...stoned and horny and looking for a hands-on experience in multiculturalism. The trio thus decide to track down the hostel by train. Everything seems well, but unfortunately there is more to the hostel than meets the eye. The next morning, Óli goes missing. Later Josh is also missing. Paxton, then sees that there is something worng going on and thus embarks in his search for Josh.

The rest of the movie is whether Paxton manages to find Óli and Josh. The movie has some major disturbing scenes - one is shown where Josh is being tortured using a drilling machine. Another scene shows Paxton's fingers being cut using a saw. The movie has been rated R for voilence, blood and gore, strong sexual scenes, explicit language, and drug use. Some countries have even banned this film, due to its graphic nature.

The City of Bratislava, Slovakia, which has been portrayed in the film as being a sex and crime capital, has condemned the makers of the film, saying that the film shows the beautiful city of Bratislava in bad light. The authorities had asked the makers of the film for an apology, stating that Bratislava is in no way like what it has been portrayed in the film. Check out the press release here

NOTE: Sentences in BOLD have been updated recently.


  • Chris, the movie was actually NOT shot in Bratislava, where the plot takes place but mostly in Prague, in the Czech Republic.

    By Anonymous Bratislava, at 5/04/2006 8:28 AM  

  • Hey,

    Thanks for your comment. Well, yeah... even the opening of the film, which shows the guys hanging out at pubs in Amsterdam - its not Amsterdam, but Prague. Well, the point is though the movie has been shot in a different place altogether, the movie portrays a beautiful city like Bratislava to be some place in hell. I would someday certianly like to visit Bratislava.


    By Blogger Chris Fernando, at 5/06/2006 10:01 PM  

  • hi, just wanted tg say that hostel is an incredibly crap movie and it has nothing to do with bratislava or slovakia (they actually shot it in another country so its cheaper a bit like the script), they just picked it because not many people know about this small country of Slovakia.

    For the record Europe is MUCH safer than america, people are more relaxed and friendly have real family bonds people respect each other and have all those things that the USA once had but sacrificed to be more entepreneurial and all those good things are particularly true of Bratislava. I also talk from experience i ve lived in many cities in the world particularly london for the last 14 years and the crappiest city is probably london in the whole of the EU, largely because it wants to be like the US. As matter of fact i am preparing to move to Bratislava as its much better than London as a place to live.

    Holywood creates these crappy movies like Hostel to sell tickets and because they are so desperate for making money through people's ignorance.

    Bratislava is in particular is delightful affordable and friendly. It has history and humanity, and its full of beautiful people, in some ways its a mini Vienna in places.

    Dont buy the sick fantasies of holywood morons that are going film anything that makes a buck and they would sell their mother for box office success.

    greetings from europe. An infinitely happier and more secure place than the USA and most of the rest of this world.

    Tarantino is also completely talentless and has no intelligence emotional or otherwise.

    if you want to know about Bratislava

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/03/2006 6:04 AM  

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