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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Good souls do exist

Well... the same old story - You go to church on Christmas eve for the midnight mass. As soon as you enter the church, it seems as if the whole world has come together to celebrate mass. After celebrating the mass, you wish every person around you, the choicest greetings for the season and try to wiggle out of the crowd and pounce into the first taxi you see to get home as soon as possible. However, the whole crowd is waiting for taxis, and you wait there wishing for the umpteenth time, that the next taxi would be yours. But it never happens. Now here's where the "same old story" ends, since the story gets a twist - a rather pleasant twist.

Amidst the confusion, a car comes and stops near you - mind you, it's not a taxi. You peer into the car and you find a family man seated on the driver seat smiling warmly at you. On the passenger seat, behind the driver seat is his wife and she's holding her cute little baby, who's fast asleep. The window glass comes down whirring, and the guy on the driver seat asks politely -

"Do you need a lift?".

You nod "Yes"...

The guy opens the door of his car and lets you in. He then continues... "We were driving alone and there's enough space for three more people in our car. It's really a task to get into a taxi on a crowded night like this. We thought, why not help someone during this festive season..."

Whoever said "Good people are hard to find"?


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